About Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity (clarity.microsoft.com) can help identify user behavior (tracking clicks with heatmaps) a color coded page scrolling tracker (called scroll maps) and more options to record a live view of user visits! The metrics dashboard offers a visual overview for a webmaster to see their site’s performance, and their popular pages. You will see insights and debugging information that can help a webmaster improve their pages.

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Related: How to install the Clarity | Bing Webmaster Tools and Clarity | Google Analytics integration | What data does Clarity collect after I install it on my site? Clarity is said by Microsoft to be GDPR compliant. More: A Microsoft FAQ about Clarity.

Q: What is the main difference between Clarity and Google Analytics?

A: “(..) Clarity is mostly a User Experience (UX) measurement tool, while Google Analytics is the best website traffic and eCommerce instrument on the market (…)” More by Stefan Stroe.

See also: The 4 types of website heatmaps.

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